Thursday, September 1, 2011

New job Global Search Company Seeking Authorized Partners Worldwide

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  • Subject: Global Search Company Seeking Authorized Partners Worldwide

Rodney Colbert posted a job: Global Search Company Seeking Authorized Partners Worldwide

"I independently consult for a Global Search Company who is currently seeking marketing professionals to be Authorized Partners for their branded search solution they are rolling out worldwide. They have asked for my assistance to pool suitable candidates to be partners so I have created this LinkedIn job post in an effort to generate some interest for them. Briefly their solution is something very new and enables a brand to engage their target audience every single day while they search the web. The solution is versatile for many industries including; Corporate Brands, Sports Teams, Charities/NGO’s/Non-Profits, Music Artists/Labels, Film Studios, TV Series/Channels/Networks, Radio Stations, Tourism Orgs, Newspapers/Magazines, Universities/Colleges/Schools, etc. to name a few. If you have experience in any of these industries in a marketing, sales, advertising or branding capacity I highly recommend looking into this opportunity further as it might interest you. To learn more about their innovative branded search solution and the benefits of becoming an Authorized Partner visit the following link for more details: Thanks for your interest and consideration."

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