Monday, April 16, 2012

New job לחברה מובילה דרוש/ה ASIC Design Engineer קו"ח ל-

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  • Subject: לחברה מובילה דרוש/ה ASIC Design Engineer קו"ח ל-

Danny Bereby- Saar posted a job: לחברה מובילה דרוש/ה ASIC Design Engineer קו"ח ל-

"The engineer will need to design and verify ASIC digital IPs according to plan .Provide requirements for integration (e.g. timing constrains). Participate in the block verification. The position includes deep understanding of the architectural and micro architectural definitions and specifications and need early involvement in the architectural and micro architecture definitions דרישות המשרה: Education: BSc. in Electrical/Electronic Engineering 3-5 years of experience in VLSI / ASIC design Experience with: ASIC design methodology. Familiar with verification methodologies. Good technical specification writing skills. Good verbal (English & Hebrew) and inter personal communication skills החברה יושבת באזור הצפון. למשרות נוספות חפשו אותנו בפייסבוק"

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