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John Anderson posted a job: ✈◄BRAZIL►✈ OPERATIONS MANAGER

"Vita Coco is the pioneer in coconut water and is the #1 selling coconut water in the USA. Vita Coco’s Operations Manager will be a key member of the Operations Team and will partner with Supply Chain Executives to oversee and execute the company’s supply chain activities in Brazil. Requirement: ~ Available to travel throughout South America, the US and occasionally SE Asia. ~ Demonstrates exceptional written and oral communication skills in English and Portuguese The Operations Manager will serve as the “right hand” of the Director of operations (based in New York City) and will help drive the company’s supply chain performance by providing Quality improvements, production planning, strategic direction and leadership to Vita Coco’s Brazil-based suppliers. ** Only online applications are considered. Click the APPLY button NOW! *** For more information, visit: http://www.ExpatCareers.com/Display_Job/130618 ** Only Shortlisted Candidates will be contacted and given complete job information.** APPLY ONLINE TODAY! *** This job post may be removed at any time once this position is filled / the Client has received the required amount of qualified applications *** http://www.ExpatCareers.com is the premier expatriate job site. Search and browse for jobs worldwide. Find work or recruit the ideal candidate. We are not a Recruitment or Employment Agency. We do however showcase the best jobs across the globe on a central user-friendly careers website. We are dedicated to providing the best employment opportunities for professional and experienced expatriates or for those simply wishing to relocate within their home country or overseas."

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